Swiffer Coupons

Swiffer is a well-known brand name in the world of cleaning products. It line of products are present in about fifteen countries and is used by professional cleaning companies and homeowners. Swiffer follows freebie marketing or the razor and blades business model where customer can purchase the cleaning product (e.g vacuum)at a low price, but need to continue purchasing cleaning supplies(e.g cleaning liquids) over the life of the product.
Currently the Swiffer products in market include: Swiffer dry and wet sweeper, sweeper professional, sweepervac, Swiffer wet jet, dusters and dust and shine spray. Swiffer also provides refill liquids and replacement pads for the products. There are so many Swiffer products that you may need to use Swiffer coupons in order to take advantage of all that Swiffer has to offer.

Swffer Products

Products such as dry and wet sweeper, wet jet etc. are sold as starter kits and also as individual products. A customer will have to initially purchase the starter kit. Then based on need and use they can purchase replacement pads or cleaning liquids. The cleaning liquids come in variety of types – for wood floors, ceramic floors, multipurpose etc. The starter kit usually has the multipurpose cleaner and customers can purchase individual cleaners based on specific needs.

Swiffer products are sold in all major retail stores such as Wal-Mart, target, Lowes etc. Products can also be purchased from online shopping sites such as amazon and eBay. With the wide options to purchase Swiffer products a customer needs to be sure that he buys the product at the right price and gets as much discount as possible. That is where coupons come into picture. For those of you who do not know this yet, you can save enough to buy a second Swiffer by using coupons. The one stop shop to find coupons is http://www.swiffer.com/. Simply go to the website, click on ‘Coupons and Promotions’ and start saving.

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There are coupons for almost all products sold. The promotions keep changing, so keep checking back often to make sure you get the right Swiffer coupon. There are coupons for an average of $20 savings at any given time. To access the coupon and use it, one has to register as a P&G member. Registration is free and can be done through the Swiffer website. Registered members enjoy many benefits such as free monthly newsletter, participation in sweepstakes, sample products and of course coupons. Once you sign up, you can get coupons through email or print them by accessing the website. The coupons can be used at retail outlets of your choice to get a discount on Swiffer products. If you do not know of a retailer near you that sells Swiffer products, you can check that too on Swiffer website. Click on buy for a product and give your zip code and you get a list of retailers that sell the product. If that does not work , there are a list of online retailers to choose from. Swiffer site will automatically redirect you to online retailers who sell the product and have it in stock. If buying online, the coupon code can be applied at checkout to get the discount. Coupons are considered for online and in-store purchase and either ways the customers gets the same great savings. Some of the Swiffer coupons offer one product free with the purchase of another – for example you get a wet jet refill free with the purchase of a starter kit. So customers can use this coupon to stock up on refills which would be needed few months down the lane. For items such as Swiffer dusters, coupons come in the form of a discount on the product price. Apart from the great pricing, Swiffer also offers money back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the product.

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